We transport different types of cargo up to 60 tons in any direction of Uzbekistan.

Logistics is a field of activity where security and stability of transportation are always of high importance.

Our company been rendering services on cargo transportation across Uzbekistan since 2010.

We have proven to be reliable and low-cost carrier of special equipment and other goods.

We focus on improving the quality of transport services and the development of long-term relations with customers.

Special equipment cargo transportation is carried out by trawls and trucks of CAMC HN4250G38C9M1, semi-trailer of CAMC HN4250PT28C2M3 subject to the necessary rules, special permission to transport cargo. Semi-trailer can transport long-sized loads and has a high efficiency because of the high ratio of lifting capacity to its own weight, thereby reducing the cost of transportation.

We also transport bulk cargo: sand, gravel and other bulk cargo and bitumen.

We have large CAMC trucks with a capacity of 40 tons and body volume of 25 m3.

For the transportation of long indivisible loads of different types we have semi-trailers tilts (curtain), one of the most popular types of freight transport, which allow to produce, and easily load and unload the cargo since a sliding curtain provides full access to the inner space of the semi-trailer.

There are various types of semi-trailers in the truck fleet of the Company for goods transportation, including:

- Schmitz, Krone tilt/curtain flatbed semi-trailers

- Flatbed semi-trailer CAMC 9290CXY

- Semi-trailer CAMC 9380GTP

- Semi-trailer tank CAMC 9400 GSN2 (bulk cement transport unit)

- Semi-trailer CAMC 9400 GSN3

- Container carrier semi-trailers CAMC AH 9401

- Self-unloading trailers (trucks) CAMC AH 9400

5 reasons to contact our Company:

* Freight with tractors is conducted precisely at specified time;

* Transportation is carried out on modern transport;

* We offer reasonable prices and quality assurance;

* We always have prompt order processing;

* You will be offered a highly professional service by our staff.


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