Transportable Crushing Plant

Transportable Crushing Plant



The discharge capacity of the crushing plant is 150 tons / hr. The set of crushing plant includes:

Tripping Vibrating Feeder, (TB 94/40)

Tripping Jaw Crusher with a capacity of 100-150 tons / hr;

Tripping Front Flushing Screen (ST-16-50 / 2) with the engine power of 1 kW 1500 rev / min;

Flushing and Screw Conveyor (HY-600/2) with the motor power of 5.5 kW 63 rev / min, with a capacity of 63 tons / hr;

Tripping Impactor (TDK 11-12) with the engine power of 200 kW 1000 r / min, capacity of 200-250 tons / hr;

Cone Crusher (HP 200-METSO);

Feeding conveyor with front shielding - 1000 W, engine power of 1 kW 1500 rev / min;

Sand Belt Conveyor of 600 W, with a motor power of 5.5 kW 1500 rev / min;

Feeding Belt Conveyor of Impactor B-800 with the engine power of 11 kW 1500 rev / min;

Power Automation System


Mobile Concrete Plant

Transportable Concrete Plant


We have a transportable concrete plant «BOGA PROJE ENDÜSTRİYEL» of turkish production with the performance of 100m3/h of concrete, which in turn is the most popular equipment to-date construction works.

Transportable concrete plant can be indispensable during road construction and capital improvement projects in remote areas. To install the plant, grout application is not required. We can produce the necessary quantity of ready-mixed, high-quality concrete with different characteristics at any place under any weather conditions.


Передвижной бетонный завод

Передвижной бетонный завод

Передвижной бетонный завод



Double shaft mixer «SICOMA» MAO-3000/2000, silos for cement in an amount of four units with a capacity of 50 tons each been installed at the transportable concrete plant.



Передвижной бетонный завод и Передвижной бетонный завод