World Quality Day and Golden Certificate ceremony at TURON MEGA STROY

Annually the second Thursday of November is the World Quality Day. The initiator of establishment of this day is the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) with the support of the United Nations. The quality problem is one of the prior issues in the economy of all countries. In the current conditions, the quality is the key to success of any enterprise, any industry and, of course, in each country. The concept of quality is closely connected with that we call the benefits of a modern civilization – "quality of life". And it both considers preservation of environment, physical health and psychological comfort of the person.


Riad Ibragimov, the official representative of the German certification body "TUV Thuringen" awarded "Gold Certificate" ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Rustam Ohunov, managing partner of TURON MEGA STROY.

TURON MEGA STROY is one of the biggest construction companies in the construction of hydraulic works and water conservancy facilities, road construction, industrial and civil construction and the creation of "quality of life". It is actively cooperating with «Business Project Team».

During the "Golden Certificate" ceremony on the systems of quality, environment and safety, management and staff of TURON MEGA STROY celebrated their persistent steps in the creation of "quality of life" at least in all its units, and if each organization will make a similar contribution in their own business, it will affect all the others and on the economy of the whole country.